I'm good as dead,
They're hurricanes of brawn and brains
And its dog eat dog
It's clear to see
That the odds don't look all that good for me.

Someone said
It's not what you know, it's who you know
You cannot predict these things.
It's stones and slings,
The giant falls and the kid's the king.

Where all that I've got
Is just a prayer to sell,
My last penny dropped
Into the wishing well
I've nothing to lose,
No one sees me - I'm a ghost within the fog,
God bless the underdog
Oh all expect..
The proud are bold
The crowd are sold
Oh they know its crunch time soon
My punch line's due
But if the tables turn then the jokes on you

The lights all fade
The bets are laid
My bed is made
No one ever hears my voice
I'm background noise
But mountains move when the meek rejoice


And I know my chances..
I'm not trying to fool myself
And I know I need to
You know that I need nothing else

You are all that I've got
But you are all that I've....
Yeah you are all that I've got
But you are all that I need
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Underdog Lyrics

Stoney – Underdog Lyrics