When you saw the red mist, you were horny and pissed
No one tells you when you ought to go home
So you start locking horns, he's a stag to your fawn
Why the hell can't you leave it alone?

Well your arse hit the floor, still you stand up for more
There's no mercy for your stubborn pride
And your girl starts to plead, as your face starts to bleed
But with a drunken arm you flung her aside

(oh oh) Jake, Jake you know we love you
(oh oh oh) I know you're mad about the liberties he took
(oh oh oh)Make no mistake he'll crush you
(oh oh oh) Can't you see just how ridiculous you look

Well you wont give it up
Cos you don't give a ****
Seems that some people just never learn
Gave your shoulders a shrug,
Shouted danger's my drug
And like a dog to his puke, you return

Well this time was the last
His fist was too fast
His ring the last thing that you saw
And your point laid to waste
As a bid to save face
Left you eating your lunch through a straw


Mid 8
Your brow frowns and your knuckles drag
You mouth drools and your belly sags
Downtown kicking up a stink
The Drinking man is the missing link

Your brow frowns and your knuckles drag
Your eyes gaze out of two black bags
Around town kicking up a stink
The Drinking man.......... Ahh


Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh........
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Jake Lyrics

Stoney – Jake Lyrics