There was me with my pride
standing our ground, standing our ground.
we stood and yelled at the tide
to turn around, to turn around.

Well that day would outlive
our best laid plans, our best laid plans
something just had to give
and my castle gave itself back to the sand

I was my own and everyone's fool,
Mutton dressed up as lamb
but now the emperors clothes have been torn
I can see what I am.

so hold my hat for a while
so I feel the rain, so I feel the rain
take an inch from your mile
and start again, and start again.

put a little light in my soul
you shine I'll glow, you shine I'll glow.
see I'm hollow & cold
so let me be the lantern that you hold.

and If I take myself seriously
then I just get confused
They say those who can laugh at themselves
will never cease to be amused.

I wanna find you
I wanna find you
(fall in love again)
I wanna find you again
I wanna find you
I wanna find you
(the stillness of content)
I wanna find you again
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Best Laid Plans Lyrics

Stoney – Best Laid Plans Lyrics