Do you dream like a baby Jailbird? (sitting in a cage)
Do you only know your own world
Do you wonder at your wings, do you wonder at your wings?
Can you follow where the wind blows
In these everlasting limbos that never give you up
But never give enough

She shakes the cage, she shakes the cage (I'm overcome, I'm overthrown)
She dares the jaded heart to hope again (she bends back the bars. And calls me home)
She breaks the chains, she breaks the chains (I'm overcome, I'm overthrown)
She calls the faded dream to wake and stirred up the hurricanes of change (of change)

She's woken a dream from slumber
Shes broken the spell I'm under
I laid a loyal kiss upon the hand of risk
But nothing will feed the hunger and so
The hunted becomes the hunter
The bird upon the wire, with the belly full of fire


Mid 8
Well I bit the hand that fed me and it closed into a fist,
But this damn job was paying peanuts, I was feeling like a monkey in a zoo (a monkey in a zoo)
The safety of monotony had put the blinkers on, the bait of mediocrity and hook, line sinker I'd been caught (baby we'd been caught)
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Jailbird Lyrics

Stoney – Jailbird Lyrics