(V1) I finally made it to the sand, margarita in hand
And sat down by the sea
Watching all those beautiful people walking by
It was like some postcard dream
Everything was fine, I had an afternoon high,
I went to take a sip... But my drink was dry
Nothing but salt and a lonely... lime.... OH NO NO

(Chorus) I'm having me a Margarita Meltdown
With seven (3) (no time) hours left until sundown
What a bad revelation, this sure ain't cool
I'm having me a Margarita Meltdown
A perfect day shadowed with a black cloud
What a sad situation, this can't be true...
Oh... Life can be so cruel,

(V2) Well I pulled myself up from the sand and headed
Back to the bar down the beach
The bartender smiled and started to laugh,
When she saw that it was me
I told her what happened, explained my dilemma
She lost her smile and said we're out of tequila
And then she had the nerve to ask me, Will a rum drink do???
I said NO NO NO ...(Chorus 2)

(Bridge) It all started going down hill from there,
I ran from the beach, screaming life's not fair
Everything changed without my buzz
Things looked so different without all the fuzz
The sun's so hot... It's all so wrong
Big ugly people wearing little bitty thongs,
OH NO NO NO NO NO NO...... (Chorus 3)

Where did all the pretty people go???
And what's with all these Plastic Flamingos?
It's like some tropical nightmare
You know not everyone should wear a thong... yuck
Someone find me a margarita....anyone??? !!!!

Words & Music by Nick Granato
©2005 Song Harbor Music/BMI
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Margarita Meltdown Lyrics

Nick Granato – Margarita Meltdown Lyrics