[Chorus:] Sun worship, soaking up it's rays
Lying on the beach in the heat of the day
Sun worship, basking in it's glow,
Tempered by the waves and when the sea breezes blow
Anointing their bodies with that special lotion,
Listening to their radio down by the ocean...
Sun worship all day long....

(V1) You can find them when the sky is blue,
Down by the seaside, or out at the pool,
On a chaise lounge or a beach towel,
Bowing to the power of the Sun...

(V2) Coconut oil hangs in the air, Half-baked bodies everywhere
Young & old, white & gold Some are just a serious red... oh no...


[Bridge:] They've heard the warnings and took the advisement
But they have to have their dose of that ultra violet...
Sun worship all day long....

(Spoken Break/Music)
Bronzed & beautiful, acting like they're all that and a bag of chips... we all envy their unearned ability to tan to perfection and never burn... ok... we're just plain jealous... ahh but the tables do turn... poetic justice at it's best... we all get old... even those bronzed and beautiful used to be's... uh huh... see???!!! Life can be so good!!!! Listen

(2nd Chorus) Sun worship, wrinkling away,
A permanent reminder of more glamorous days,
Sun worship, we all know where you've been,
It's written all over your old Naugothide skin
You've tried to fix it with lotions and creams,
You've got to admit it looks worse than it seems...

Sun worship, where'd you go wrong,
Sun worship, you should have known all along....
Sun worship, all day long...

Yeah go ahead and lie out in the sun and see what happens....
That's what Grandma Isabel used to say!... Lol

Words & Music By Nick Granato
©2005 Song Harbor Music/Bmi
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Sun Worship Lyrics

Nick Granato – Sun Worship Lyrics