Words & Music By
Nick Granato & Lynsae Harkins

You've been watching me closely, tripping over my self,
Now I'm not blaming nobody else,
But I'd like to think I can make mistakes
Without everyone looking my way,
Who made you my jury, who appointed you my judge
I don't need your conscious, mine is more than enough,
I'm not asking advice, but your gonna give it anyway.. So let's pray...


Don't point your finger, don't shake your head,
Until you can say you've been where I've been,
It's nobody's business what I do or I've done,
As long As He and I know and that's enough,
No don't you worry about what I believe,
When it's all said and done,
That's between God and Me....

I hate to be the one to point this out,
But your throwing stones in your own glass house,
So you'd better be careful cause words can wound,
And you never know when they're gonna fall back on you,
Though I do thank you for your kind words of doubt,
And I appreciate the thought, you see I'm not proud,
But you've got your own problems I'd say
And I've got mine, so let's pray...

I can tell this ain't sittin' well, but just give it a little more time,
Cause some day soon, it's gonna happen to you, and you'll change your mind...
Let's pray...


© 2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI
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Between God And Me Lyrics

Nick Granato – Between God And Me Lyrics