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War-Coma Lyrics

Witch Hunt – War-Coma Lyrics

24 years old went away to war
High expectations of what the future holds
Wore the uniform with pride a rifle at hand
Bringing democracy to a far away land
Pregnant wife at home awaiting his return
Dependent on faith will she ever learn
Ignore the consequences have faith in the lord
Ignorance is bliss until reality sets in

Never wake up again war-coma

4 days in Baghdad blurry muzzle flash
Shot between the eyes everything went black
Bullet lodged in his skull one inch from his brain
Endless fits of rage he will never be the same
Life's already over before it begun
Emotionally numb he sleeps with a gun
Barely alive with a bullet to the head
Flashbacks and nightmares better off dead

Cause you'll never wake up again war-coma

Going through the motions yet he feels no pain
Living like a ghost and all for what?
Living his life in a war-coma
All for what his life is gone all for what
All for what all fucked up all for what
You'll never wake up again
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