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...As Priorities Decay Lyrics

Witch Hunt – ...As Priorities Decay Lyrics

I won't apologize for my beliefs because you don't like what you hear-
I won't censor my words because it's the truth that you fear- I won't
pretend to smile or look the other way- i won't sit and watch our priorities
decay- You watch the 11:00 news and believe what you hear- Flush away their
sins- Dispose of your convictions- Water down the truth- join the parade-
When the team you root for wins we can blindly celebrate- Grab a bowl of
popcorn- Watch the showdown in Iraq- In between commercials drink another
beer- Every minute lost in front of the television is another bit of
knowledge never to be seen again- Convenience, apathy, faith, comfort-
Call it what you please- Take another percussette- Then maybe you'll
sleep at ease- But while you mind is dreaming more are being oppressed-
You can close your eyes while children are put to rest- It's not 1984
anymore and the Reagan years are over- It's terror that we fear in our
post-9/11 world- "Either you're with us or you're with the terrorist"
the village idiot once stated- If you ask me anthrax is not what I'm
most afraid of.- We can build something with these ashes floating in
the air- Or we can let them settle to the ground- But one day a tree
will grow through this cold, hard mud- and history will resurface
into a new life form.
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