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I Am Guilty Lyrics

Witch Hunt – I Am Guilty Lyrics

Walking with my head to the ground- If I think hard enough, maybe he
Will go away- Screaming on the top of my lungs but no one can hear me-
Words won't formulate in my head- I cannot express this feeling-
Emptiness, Contempt, Vengeance, Rage- My anger bottles up inside of me-
I'm ready to explode- Afraid if I say ow I feel I will be jumped, raped
Or killed- But if I stay silent it will kill me inside- Doomed if I do
And if I don't- Trapped in this body with nowhere to hide- Ashamed to
Be inside my own skin- Because if I wear a dress I am prey, I am guilty-
And if I don't I am a dyke- How can I look in the mirror and smile if
You will condemn me for it?- I dream of a world where I can walk down
The street with my head held up high- A world where my brains are more
Valuable than my beauty- Tonight I will take back what was already mine-
With a dagger, with a rifle, I will hunt you down- Dehumanize you like
You did to me- And when you are gone I will come alive.
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