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Life In A Box Lyrics

Witch Hunt – Life In A Box Lyrics

Every morning's like a funeral procession- And we're the dead-
Abysmal retrogression- How do you earn a living in a life you
Didn't ask for?- How do you earn your living when your life's
Already over?- Suffer.- I didn't ask for this but now that it's
Mine now one's taking it away.- Every morning- Wake up red-eyed-
Future constricts my throat- Always thinking about tomorrow-
Never enjoy the day- The carrot always dangles- Swept up in a
Mindless tedium- Cradle. Cubicle. Coffin.- Thank you for your
Service- You'll become storage when your deemed useless- Suffer.-I
Didn't ask for this but now that it's mine no one's taking it
Away- Work and worth are two very different things- Whether the
Collar's blue or white the master still grips the leash- Pressured
Into the "real world" pf stillborn goals and dreams- Red tape stifles
The alternative so we fade into mediocrity- But it's up to you and me-
It's life or death.
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