These Whispered warnings,
Danced with eyes: swing left- jump right.
The town was scorning:
“a monster lurks these trails tonight! ”
“nice to meet you, stranger,
Maybe you could be a friend!
They sing a song of danger,
I'll detect if you defend.”
He turned his head and put his map away,
“come”, he said, “this forest isn't safe to stay”~
I followed down the foothills
To bond beyond the trees I've climbed.
Confessed his sins and kills-
Seems he has had some troubled times,
But people lose their minds, how am I to say
Who stepped out of line, all are carried away~
We layed down when lost from light, we kissed our goodnights

I could dance with something else,
I’ve gotta watch myself

He fell so fast, so
Silently to night's capote...
A spell that cast no
Shadow over my dry throat.
My toes composed a quest
For quenching to the waterfall.
A scowling howl confessed that
I was not alone at all!
I peeked inside,
“why, such a lovely cave you've found! ”
The wolves denied my wish to take a look around.
They readied for a run,
I sprang to lead their pack stampede.
Out from the cut quick comes the cliff,
I couldn't curb my speed.

Stranger swore he'd unveil my fate to me
Once we woke,
How I wonder what it will be~
At least all my friends could see! Run on without me~

I could dance with something else,
I’ve gotta watch myself

Brawny breeze,
Felt a crack in my sleeping tree,
Probably just a warning.
We'll see come morning…

Songs from my insides.
With the new sun, stomache burns.
Turn to the night vine,
New love is born~

Still, hunger hounds me.
Eyes, look around, see!
.;:mushroom garden:;.

I'll bring some home for Mike,
I know he likes his foraged soup.
I hop upon this bike,
My steering wheel begins to drooOoOOoOOOOp

I could dance with something else,
I’ve gotta watch myself

Food for the dogs and the strangers, and my friends and my love...
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The Fool Lyrics

Veronica Farren – The Fool Lyrics