Its forever been about the buzz for me.
I love
To be
The beat
You breathe.
Let’s sever every outer frequency…
From our beat beat beat beat beat.
Squeeze me, seize these sensations~
Our love is vibration,
Our love is vibration.
Our love is vibration.

Lets indulge deep in one another,
Smothered shudders. Our hearts flutter, flutter.
I convulse,
We explode,
Shatter into slivers.

Just one seed we need of sweet stimulation
To breed escalation.
Its manifestation!
Our love is vibration.
Our love is vibration.

Turn me on, turn the world off.
Learn me, transform into my throbbing veins.
Caress my flame,
Possess my brain .

Take me in, shake the world out.
Make me spin, skin me, I’ll awake your shout.
We’ll whisper, scream in synchronization (harmonization)
Our love is vibration.
Our love is vibration!

I don’t need to hear how you feel
If I can feel you here,
Seal you near.
Two souls sing
Loud and clear
Soaked in sweat and spit and tears:
Cohere for no fear
Of activation.
Our love is vibration .
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Love Is Vibration Lyrics

Veronica Farren – Love Is Vibration Lyrics