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Destined For Damned Lyrics

Veronica Farren – Destined For Damned Lyrics

I thought I’d be in jail or dead:
Their voices- vices in my head.
My choices prices brought the bread... my family’s been fed.
Again, we growl ahead..
(again, we spread)
Just as they said!
But they pat me on the back,
Cuz I’ve racked a winning streak...
My ski mask used to be black,
Now I smash roses on my cheeks!
Cuz crime pays bad credit,
I let it get the best of me.
So whack till I’m beheaded,
Tap the only remedy.
Cuz thats my destiny,
I’d be damned demanding clemency.

I’m still sliding by,
It isn’t my time to burn, dodging bullets every turn.
I’ve managed to land
To spring up and stand,
But only before my ordained plan..
As blessed as I am,
I’m destined for damned.

I never let the drugs control,
So they left a little brain..
Stole back some that I sold of my soul,
And I’ve yet to be arrained.
Restrained vain desires,
Contained paining fires.
I even chained my wild mind to the eyes of a good guy!
While I await my demise, time flies.
I cleaned up,
I went green,
Buffed up my scene,
Weaned off the dust (lust).
I drifted from this misfit crew
Two weeks before the bust.
Must be irish luck
And it’s trusty Midas touch.
Low/behold, you can’t tow gold
To the other side of your kismet’s clutch.
~entrust temptations thru the gust~

My fate can’t be waved.
Its bate to the grave.
Escape from this slavery, I try,
But the pathway has been paved
By high five hands
That smile with pride.
Why can’t they understand
I’m destined for damned.
I’m destined for damned.
I’m destined for damned.

I came down from the clouds as if it would bail me off
This trail that doffs the cliff.
The precipice.
Kiss the abyss.
No caps and gowns ,
Or jobs and cars unstrap.
Were bound to props that we are.

I’m destined for damned, still wrestling the stars.
The legend withstands but it’ll only pan so far.
My code, it commands.
Forbode by the roads on my hands, Im damned.
I’m damned.
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