Old man time really had his hand,
Now look where we land.
I see such a beautiful thing,
And I just can't keep it in my eyes.

My my, how strange is this way we change,
(Range we change)
I might estrange that good old face from it's bright new lines
If I'd only ever known it on a child.

I was born in the land of four seasons

We welcome the snow,
We flow with the spring as it grows and we sing,
Summers just beyond the bow
Sunshine sheds it’s sting
(Sweetest feeling)
(Solar healing)

I lose my breath.
Wow- now I know what's real,
Then I feel these lessons come to life.
All will heals besides how parted lips belong.
My baby grows strong,
And as do my own arms.

I'm always wrong
When the futures right around the corner with the chord to a kite
Take me away….

I was born in the land of four seasons

By April showers, May flowers unfold.
Deep autumn’s touch turns trees to gold.
And we roar in like a lion, out like a lamb.
In like a lion, we roam out like a lamb.

Flash my days before me, no, they're not mine.
I've never noticed open lanes aligned~
I've tried,
But I've never climbed to such a peaceful place in my mind…

All I’ve failed has formed my funny face,
You, too, alike the King, commands the ace,
I’ve been graced,
Laced with legs to swing.
It’s happening.
Somethings happening.
Ooh, it's happening!

And everything so far has shown me spinning stars.
(I am in for the stint of heart)
((same old seasons shape shift treason))
The simplest part.
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More Than Four Lyrics

Veronica Farren – More Than Four Lyrics