I never realized, how much you'd be missed
Until it's all gone and now there's no home
For you go to but I know that you're up there
Looking down on me and helping me through
All of your old stories, are fresh in my mind
And all the things you told me about your time

Now that you left me behind in the dark
I know that we can move a long from any disaster
Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever meet
And if that time comes I swear I won't run away

Walking the crowded streets at night
Thinking about how we never fight
When I try to escape the lights and the sounds
I'm just getting closer to things that are loud
Even though that you're not here, you'll still be remembered
And don't you worry 'cause you know you are missed

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm touching up on my act
Making everything perfect
Just to see if I'll get a response
I'm moving all your old stuff
And it doesn't feel right
This is me breaking down on one winter night

(Repeat Chorus)
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You'll Be Remembered Lyrics

Tweenis Twelve – You'll Be Remembered Lyrics