Let's not jump to conclusions cause I'm only half way there
If it's not broken then please don't fix it cause I promise it's a year away
Or maybe it's just a few months because my time's running low
I tried to start something where it's only me and you
But it ended up turning into you and a few so now
Here I stand with nowhere to go so I'll just sit and write these songs all on my own

The distance is rough but we can make it through this
Even if it seems like there's an ocean between us
And the times that I spend staying up by your side
Are the nights that I'll remember almost forever
But the times that we spent making up our minds
Were the days that I lost wasting all of my time
But now it's the end and look what we have
This crumbled up picture that says we're so through

The last thing I said was that I'll always be there
But it turns out making promises are my worst mistakes
And the last time we hung out seemed like forever ago
I made my whole schedule revolve around you
Only to get treated like I was your queue
To get up and run, run far away
And cut all our ties to hide all your lies

(Repeat Chorus)

When I first saw you I thought that we could be
Something so good, so sweet, so delicate
But now that's over!
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I Was Never Good At Dancing, But This One's For You Lyrics

Tweenis Twelve – I Was Never Good At Dancing, But This One's For You Lyrics