Making my way she's up on the floor
And I know she's the only one in the world I'll adore
She looks so good next to me why can't I just have her and we can let things be
Take a few steps, back, keep your distance the feeling's so cold without her
Take a deep breath when you think about me
Something so good is lost and now it's far away

Now go, make something out of yourself
Is what she said to me, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve
Make the same mistakes and let them go
Another song about being all alone

Saw her again at another show
She was singing our songs in the front of the row
Ask me how I am I'll say I'm just great
But it's so easy to put a smile on and act like a fake
Just making good friends with her is okay for me
If I could just have her it would make me complete
Seeing her there makes me feel so alone
And I know she's the only one that I'll adore

(Repeat Chorus)
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For Arumn Lyrics

Tweenis Twelve – For Arumn Lyrics