Her name was mary anne
She made him feel like a man
I'm not saying that he felt like a man
He didn't want a man
He liked them as friends
But he didn't feel like a man
In the same way you feel like having an icey pole.
"its alright, i know what to do, if u could just start from the top"
Her name was nicole
She made him feel like a hole..
"feel like a hole?"
"it has to rhyme with nicole."
"Just use her actual name,
We'll find a rhyme for it. "
"What's her actual name?"
"Magina..HIT IT!"
"Ive got one for mary anne."
Her name was mary anne
She made him feel like a man
But she didn't even know he existed
But oh whenever she walked past
His heart would stop..
So he was dead before they even got started
Coz his heart had stopped when he caught sight of her
It was death at first sight
They never made it one night
"he didn't fucking die! alright? he didn't die"
"you said his heart had stopped, what is he? the undead?"
"i don't know what else im sposed to do"
"no...he's not un....undead"
"is he doomed to walk the earth and be in a shit song?
"that's MY fucking life, now you play..."
Her name was mary anne
She had the body of a godess
And the face of an angel
Every mans desire
She set his world on fire..
So they were all dead before they even got started...
And they...
Because they were in an incentuary disaster
"Join in if you know the words"
"shut... The... Fuck... Up scod
Shut... The... Fuck... Up
Shut... The... Fuck.. Up
Shut the fuck up!! "
"You said the world had caught fire!"
"It's a metaphor!"
"i reckon my mum could beat your mum in a fight.you knwo that?"
"my dad could beat your mum in a fight"
"you suck and so does your mum"
"hey, hey, hey, hey. hey. say what you like about my mum, leave me out of it."
"i reckon i can fix this song up, by the way.maryanne? Just play, and i'll sing and it'll be good."
Her name was maryanne
She was searching for a man
Her silouhette was unmistakable
She stood out in a crowd
She had a shapely head
And a long flowing nose
She was hideous
A walking disaster
A cranky crone [?]
A picture of disgust
She caught his eye
And returned it promptly
He was glad that she could catch it
But they couldn't re-attatch it
He was blinded for all time
So they lived happilyyyyyyyyyyyy
Because he couldn't seeeeeeeeeee
That she was so uglyyyyyyyyyyyy
I'm glad it wasn't me...
And they lived happily.
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Maryanne Lyrics

Tripod – Maryanne Lyrics