It's not as easy as it looks to do what we do
To be a hero and a role model to every young Australian.
To have the hopes and dreams of millions on our shoulders
To be the shining paragon of Western cultural achievement

I know it's hard to believe
Scod: It's actually us in the flesh and blood
But don't be overwhelmed, 'cause...

It's okay
You don't have to be scared
Come right up and touch us
It's okay

Please don't actually touch us
That was just an example
To demonstrate that we're human too

It's okay
(Ooh, don't you know it's okay?)
You don't have to be...
(You don't have to be scared.)

So as you leave this show tonight, think of your aura.
Will you buy a t-shirt?
Or a - CD?
Or a- video?
Or a - poster?
(Or a...)

Cherish your dreams
And like a flower, they will blossom
But don't tell anyone your dreams 'cause they sort of tend to trail off and be boring.

(Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from the place where impersonations... near enough is good enough... Shaggy! )

(It's okay.)

[Yon, as Shaggy] When I was a child
I dreamed of doing this
Well, not exactly this
But something similar

(It's okay.)

[Yon, as Shaggy] I'd try the Jazz Ballet
And calisthenics
And watch the videos
Of Annie Lennox
And so you ask me now
Why am I saying this?
I cannot tell you though
It is a secret.

Come right up and touch us
It's okay

Stay there, we'll bring it over
Close your eyes and put your hand out
To demonstrate that we're human like you and me...
We're human like me!
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It's Okay Lyrics

Tripod – It's Okay Lyrics