A sniff of a whiff just came out of nowhere
Though you can't see it, you know that it's there
It's like a whisper, a promise that floats on the air
The smell of adventure!

Is there a memory of chances gone by?
Is there a voice saying don't even try?
Is it your destiny looking you straight in the eye?
The smell of adventure!

You smell that smell it's time to decide
Do you stand still or pick up the pace?
Thirty-six years and what have you done?
Maybe it's time to listen to your face
The voice in your nose says
You've got to get out of this place

You roll the dice, you get your stats
You make the choices you get to make
The scent's accenture on an adventure
Truly and stench you just can't mistake
The sort of a bouquet the second you recognise
The dawn of a new day to beckon and tantalise

Ring the bell of
Drink from the well of
Under the spell of
It's the smell of adventure
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The Smell Of Adventure Lyrics

Tripod – The Smell Of Adventure Lyrics