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Get Doe Lyrics

Tre Mission – Get Doe Lyrics

Git Git Git Git Git Doeeeeeeeee
Git Git Git Git Git Doeeeeeeeee

(Chorus: Saukrates)
If I could catch that river runnin'
I bet you it's run is over
With all the scores to be comin'
We wanna live forever
We wanna live forever
We wanna live forever

(Verse 1: Tre Mission)
You know what comes after the actions
After effects of the graph of the Ashton
Half of the answer is starin' the past
But you see the big picture after the caption

(Verse 2: Saukrates)
Catch me at the corner store, cause I don't need much
No security, I guess my purity has been encrutched
But on the other hand, I guess I'd need 'em if I was bleeding money
I ain't satisfied, but yeah, I'm happy I ain't bleedin' funny
Like a...hemophiliac, I mean not iiiiiiiiiis
I'm bleeding on my music and to feed my wife and kiiiiiids
It's an art for me, so now I see my interests spliiiiiit
Money the love of them both, I guess I'm choosin' both
Oops, I mean the first two, why you gittin' down
I skipped school to feel the earth and keep ya movin round, Docido
Yeah my Docido would multiply, rims cleeeean on the Cadillac
Prefer wings that up and fly
And none of this was done alone, so don't believe most niggas
Shit, I would feed most niggas, if I could see most niggas
But I'm so high I lose my breath, and could do nothin' but hum
Trapped in this fuxkonundrum, I beat it til' the sun come
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