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Introdeuce Lyrics

Tre Mission – Introdeuce Lyrics

100 dollar bills, new ones
Cheese in the Rizla, blue ones
No one expected to see me getting love like last time I was in 0121
We was saying don't think I was too young
But I don't have regrets we were growing up
I seen the money and the heads that were blowing up
Quit weed twice you can bet I was po'ing up
Rolling, highway strolling
They could suck dick, while I'm high grade blowing
The body might sleep, but the mind stay going
I'm still in good health and my mind ain't goin so
Free Will, free world if an E pill
Get a nigga by when he take it then he will
Cause it could'a been a JD and Coke or Canadian smoke, stay humble and be real
Do you and your wifey or he will
The reality of living
Dreaming is a privilege, reality is given
Kill every enemy or fight in the sequel
Nah, dont ask me I dont see Will
But I see a comma in the total of my e-bill
Grey Goose in a Mickey D's refill
Lookin at the other side thinking how do we feel?
Cause the view right now, make a nigga think if I was you right now
Real shit I wouldn't know what I would do right now
Niggas ain't sayin nothin what would you write down
On a few right now, but i'm greatful
If you lookin for the real I got a tapeful
And if I learned one thing, never burn one thing
And the hoes don't change but the date will
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