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Malmaison Lyrics

Tre Mission – Malmaison Lyrics

[Bridge: Tre Mission]
With a little bit of weed and my eyes go bloodshot
One Love to my niggas that's up top
I was on the road but it weren't no honor
Smoking in school backwoods in my lunchbox
Oh what a fool gassed up like a truck-stop
Wait let me hide this odour
Used a cologne they were selling in shoppers
Tell the cashier next time I owe her

[Verse 1: Tre Mission]
Remember last year it was all about billing up
Now I've been thinking about giving up
Thinking how niggas ain't thinking about me
Got me thinking to myself 'Fuck Love', they don't give enough
I was O T, it was me they was was bringing up
God damn it was you I was bigging up
And I missed out on too much sleep
Fuck that, if I ever get a chance I'ma live it up
RIP to my nigga from PK
He was in the game like EA
Wanna book Tre? Then you gotta book Freeza too
I'm just trying to pay my DJ
No I don't wanna pay this Roger's bill
If a nigga don't rob you Rogers will
Way back in the day when would've sold these beats I was giving them help like Dr. Phil
Let's drink nigga do your math
Thirteen bucks me and you go half
Drink Bambino straight from the bottle, I was in the borough like New York
I'm tryna save on my cujo swag
Giving out flows bitch whos your dad
Chretien wanna talk from the side of his mouth
I'ma put him on the rain that Trudeau had

[Hook: Tre Mission]
Get up, get lean, get bread, make songs
(Sleepless nights in the Malmaison)
X 8


[Verse 2: Tre Mission]

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