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Oakland, California Lyrics

Too $hort – Oakland, California Lyrics

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california, Oakland

california is the city of snakes Pimps
pussy's, players, and fakes Loud
mouth b s*****who talk too much D
k**teasin b s*****who never f k**Sucka
a n** anusfake as hell A
man or a b h***I really can't tell Some
of you n s****need to quit Show
and tell n anusyou ain't s titSayin
I got this and I got that But
when it comes to you I got no rap Cause
what I see is good for me And
what I don't know just let it be B
schlongamin workin extensions Her
hair ain't really but two inches Bald
head girls in the oakland world Short
afros and jheri curls Nappy
head n s****like myself Get
a bald head and say go to hell But
your a snake your a worm Bald
head b h***you need a perm Oakland
california is the city of liers Fresh
barbed wires with vouge tires N
s****tellin stories twenty minutes long And
everything in it was smooth wrong I
said why you wanna tell me I don't wanna know All
I want is stereo rock Homeboys
kick it gettin keyed Sold
that mark some fake weed Told
that n anushere you go A
big fat sack and you know it's premo A
20-dollar bill went to your hand You
rushed that money to the coke man To
the coke bottle was the next stop But
you broke the bottle and can't smoke rock Bass
rocks bass rocks that's your daddy You
betteroff smokin on a powdered cabby Have
a white christmas everyday Cause
coke can cabby is a too short way That's
too s-h-o-are-t Smoke
more coke than Richard P Have
more money than michael jackson Oakland
can I get some action Hey
young tender in the 501's I
love to see when you work your tongue Suckin
my d k**in the back of the car Rollin
down skyline boulavard I
said beeeeeeeyach What
are you smokin A
big fat d k**in the big east oakland I
seen my homey he needs to quit Holdin
hands with a b h***who looks like s titMaybe
I'm wrong by what I say Maybe
that n anusis gettin payed Maybe
that ain't bein used Gettin
f d****without collectin dues That's
how I work all the time I'm
too short baby got a fresh new rhyme For
oakland california, that's the place Homies
got drugs all in yo face With
the opd cruise down again N
s****goin half off dubes and tens On
any corner anywhere Buy
your drugs from a oakland player N
skanksell squat callin it top Cut
cocaine get a big n anusrock Crime
went down murder went up And
some of these turfs are tryin to get tuff Whos
the leader of the hour Anybody
livin if they push power M-16
357, Sendin
these n s****to hell not heaven So
much death in the oakland streets Your
nothin but a target sellin weed You
know I'm rappin the honest truth N
s****roll up shotin guns at you Frettin
your life and call you fake Till
you take your drugs to another state And
sometimes man it's a pitty Cause
a n anusused to roll in the oakland city N
s****who take do you know yourself You
must be the n anuswith all the wealth Maybe
one day you can own this town If
everybody f d****and you are down That's
how you see it I do too But
I break b s*****and you break crew Oakland
california is gettin tuff N
s****got sceems for comin up N
s****got ways to make big bank Hit
these streets like an army tank I'm
too s-h-o-are-t Spitin
more game than you'll ever speak (music

for 10 seconds) I

got mo b s*****wantin me Cause
I'm the best dam rapper from the oakland streets I'm
the coldest mc on a microphone Oakland
california, wont leave it alone Cause
I'm on this mic rappin that game Knockin
off tapes like I'm sell cocaine Fuckin
these freaks indeffinetly I
never stop fuckin you oakland freaks Highschool
b s*****really like The
way sir too short can rock the mic Oakland
california, that's the place Freak
freak b h***got alot of ways She
got big fat tities size 38 I'm
a f k**that b h***but I can't wait The
young girl makes my body boil When
I f k**that b h***I'm a drill for oil I'm
a put cocaine all over my d k**And
tell that b h***it's time to lick East
oakland that's where I live The
city of the freak freak freaky b h***I
spent the night with her she ain't mine I
f k**that b h***so many times And
that right there I could never fake I
thought my god dam d k**would break Fuckin
too much makes you hurt But
I never stuck a b h***from putin in work All
you b s*****can suck me dry Suckin
my d k**for the rest of your lives Ok
baby here we are Were
just two young freaks in the back of the car You
are one who's the other It's
sir too short that rappin a brothass Everytime
I talk to you Whatcha
wanna know is it still cool And
everytime what do I state Your
still my b h***that's everyday All
you b s*****cause I'm a hall And
you baby girl my freaky doll I'm
too short baby now I'm smokin Another
big cabby and I'm in east oakland Not
the west not the north It's
the eastside baby I'm sir too short I
can spit a rap and i'll create A
sucka mc everyday N
s****from oakland young and old Runin
round here keep off that dope Singin
my rap at the skating rink Sucka
mc do you know what I think You
wanna be me so dam bad You
wish that you could make my rap When
I say short you say your name Tellin
your homies you rappin game But
I sell tapes and n s****know You
singin my rap in stereo Some
of you n s****ain't really s titAnd
Tony G Is. just a b h***Why
does Tony rap like me Cause
he ain't no pass high Just?
sleep to the world on what I do Grab
a mic front you Tony
G You. just can't have it Nothin
but little light skin oak faggot Tryin
to rap on the mic But
too short baby is what they like
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