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Player For Life Lyrics

Too $hort – Player For Life Lyrics

[repeat 3X]
Gotta be a player for life, gotta be a player for life

(That's right) Gotta be a player for life, I gotta be a player for life

[Too $hort]
Smob to the tip, I feel no guilt
She's young and she's fine and she bout to get peeled
I know you heard why, no need to tell
You lookin at a certified P. F. L.
You wanna be like me? I don't think you can
Your girlfriend loves you, need to be her man
She never told you how she was a Too $hort fan
She kept it to herself, you wouldn't understand
I met her at the mall when she was mad at you
She said, gimme a call and I was glad to
That night, I gave your girl a ex tab..
.. The best s** she ever had

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I gotta be a player for life, I gotta be a player for life

[Too $hort]
It'd be nice to wake up to some little smilin faces
Sayin, "Daddy" - instead of bein in wild faces
Smokin fatties, fo' hoes in my Caddy
Each one willin to have me
Sometimes you want my life, sometimes I want yours
I'm tryin to find a wife and you tryin to find whores
Which one of us is lookin in the devil's eyes?
I'd settle down if I could have seven wives
But that's illegal, and everywhere we go
We roll through the town takin every ho
And of course, we show no remorse
I'm doin one-twenty with your ho in the Porsche


[Too $hort]
'Til death do us part, with all yo' heart
It was love - right from the start
But could you do it - would you change yo' life
And get married, stop runnin game every night?
Ex-player with his wife and kids
Lookin happy; I wonder if he really is
I would hate to be committed even though I ain't wit it
Still out in the streets tryin to get it
It's hard for a man with access to one vagina
To be faithful, when she's so much finer
Than his wife - she seen it comin
He fell in love with another woman


[Too $hort]
I keep comin back to the same thought
Fallin in love'll throw the game off
You let her get to you, you know you still care
But I was raised by them real players
I try to tell the homies fuck the party
This player lifestyle ain't for everybody
You gotta make your own choice - it's yo' life
How would it be without yo' kids, and no wife?
Wakin up with a tramp - you don't like
Nigga, you better hear what I'm sayin on the mic
You wanna be a pimp, you better go back home
Leave them tramps alone, you know you wrong
You wrong

[Chorus:] - 2X
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