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U Stank Lyrics

Too $hort – U Stank Lyrics

Girl you stank take a bath 15x

Girl you stank take a bath
When you done brush yo hair
Yo pussy hairy like a bear is pokin through yo underwear
If you aint heard im the king
You can rock or you can lean to tha left or to tha right
We can do it all night
Just make sure you smellin right you can't be smellin like no shit
Cause im gona tell you to yo face take a bath you dirty bitch
This aint no game this fo real maine
What is tha deal maine?
Is it cause yo throw ass up or is it cause yo lips green
I aint tryin to bust yo bubble
But take a bath on tha double
Ask me can we make love
Trick you just get in tha tub
Now we can chill and watch t.v. or i can take you out to eat
But if we have to leave the house we headed straight to mickey d's
Pull up in tha drive through
Ask me what im buyin you
What you think i am tha bank?
Maybe if you werent to stanky
Bitch get up out my ride you stankin up my fuckin leather
Will i take you out again?
Hell na!! neva eva!!

Girl you stank take a bath 15x

I met shorty in da club
Took her to tha waffle house
Got the bitch home her pussy smell like tha waffle house
What should i do? i had to let her no
Stuck my finger in her pussy rubbed it round cross her nose
She looked back at me with a mug flavored frown
I said that's you bitch i don't fuck around
One thing i can't stand is a smelly ass hoe
So shorty put yo clothes on hit da door
It done handled me ba fo
A hoe thank she cute
You take tha bitch home she pull her panties you wanna puke
Shorty keep yo shit clean
You know you gona cut
Cause i nigga aint gone fuck you smelly ass girl
So shorty bathe yo ass so shorty bathe yo ass
You know yo pussy stank gurl you need to take a bath
Shorty bathe yo ass shorty bathe yo ass
Gurl yo need to take a bath

Gurl you stank take a bath 15x

Shorty got that jump back you sniff it and then jump back
Nope i aint lyin i just don't want that
You need to wash yo cat cause yo boy can't hit
First of all you aint that cute plus you smell like shit
Now listen bitch wont you go head and hop off in da shower
And get yo self together you gone need more than an hour O!!!!
What the fuck is you tryin?
They said that shit was straight but a nigga was lyin

Gurl you know you sour
You need to wash yo feet
You say you took a bath you can't lie to me
Yo body so tart you smell like wet fart
It smell like when a dog shits in da park
You know i aint lyin and i aint trynna front
You smell like that cush a 5 dollar blunt
So take my advice shorty wash yo ass
So nigga's be sure to wear a gas mask

Gurl you stank take a bath 15x
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