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Massive (Feat. Praxis) Lyrics

Tonedeff – Massive (Feat. Praxis) Lyrics

F/ Praxis

I thought I was paid until I broke the mold
I spit shit more than an angry lama with a congested cold
I'm eating rappers like vegetables
Your mother choked on my c***, my god rest her soul
Now a moment of silence, please... Rest in peace
I'm running shit like stepping in piles of dog feces with impressive cleats
I'm the lyrical teacher testing beats
Tell rappers to sit the fuck down, like s** in seats
In a lexus jeep... Hold Up, I don't own one
I just looked at your girl and still made her moan some
Cause that bitch is lonesome, she be sucking on Tone's thumb
She thought fucking a bat was the quickest way to a homerun
Not recognizing her own son, Told you, y'all, she's so dumb
She put her clothes in trackmeets cause her pantyhose run
Um, you'd better respect the flows, dun, your show's dumb
Picked your style up in a line-out, and I was like, "Yeah, yhat's the old one"
Flows nastier than old gum, chewed twice, under the desk
Don't try to decide on one of us, cause each one of us, is like one of the best
Yo, I'm shunning the rest, cause now I be running with Heff
Your girl likes when I spell my name in cursive with my c** on the front of her chest
So tired, that I'm hunting for breath... This song? Becoming a mess
Saw your spread in vogue, and had to say, 'What a wonderful dress'
Tonedeff & Prax make you plunge to your death
Got my own talk show, and I ask fucked up questions just to befuddle the guests

Ayo, we're massive. We're so phat there's no room for your asses
Tonedeff & Praxis -tell me, are they nice?
Ppssstttttttt, don't even ask it
Tonedeff & Praxis - qn5 Massive, what

Girls around the world be like, "Oh, isn't T divine?"
My rhymes are bananas, they play my tracks for Gorillas at feeding time
This rhyming style is what I redefine
Give wack mcs lobotomy's so they don't even have the piece of mind
Yo, Prax, this ain't hannibal... So feed em Mine
If it's a dope mc that you want, then, Tonedeff you shall see and find
Yo do that every freaking time, yo, you make me sick
You ain't ill, you've been trying to get a deal since '86
Stop talking that crazy shit, the way he spits?
I wouldn't be surprised to find "Casino" on one of them greatest 80's hits
You're just a nasty-lazy-bitch, walking with a lady switch
Using fds just to cover up that lady-stench
(sniff) I smell pussy, but you're the hermaphrodite with a baby dick
Yo, Prax you like this sweater? Yo, your mama made me this!
But, the way she stitched, she blew the design
The only real reason I rhyme with you is for the free studio time
What an ep'll do to your mind, you're hated by dj's
All you get from qn5 is a free beat and an mp3 page
You claim to bring the heatwave, I'm here to give it back
Your shit's so wack, your whole lp was hidden tracks
Ahhhhhhhhh!! Come on, that's a wack diss
Yo, this kid's a prick, I'll make him change his name from Praxis to Cactus
Let me guess, 'i need Practice, You'll knock me off my axis
Skills on the microphone, Praxis clearly lacks this'
Nah, That shit's too average, I really hope you rehearsed long
Because it takes you 12 hours to record a fucking 1-verse song
Man, I saw you with your purse on, it's a Gucci impostor
Man, how you gonna diss the only artist on your roster?

Ayo, we're massive, Because I'm phat and Tonedeff's a fascist!
He'll get his ass kicked
Tell me, is he wack? Pssssttt!! Don't even ask it
He'll get his ass kicked - Praxis is Massive, what!

Ayo, I'm massive! Cause Tone smashes Praxis the actress
Tonedeff is massive!
Tell me, is he wack? Psssstt!! Don't even ask it
Prax is an actress - qn5 Massive - what!!
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