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Let's Go Lyrics

Tonedeff – Let's Go Lyrics

Ayo, Let's go, what's poppin', I don't know, I'm out the door
Just call me. I got my phone
I'm tryin' to get up into whatever possible
Floss on some hoes that's down to go rock & roll
Lock & load, when the boss is on the road
I got my whole QN5 squad in tow
Broads, we're out to scope
The harder the cock is swole, the farther the tonsils go down her throat
Stocked with a monster flow & the hottest shows that your spots have known
With a plot to go cross the globe
Who wanna toss some dough?
'Cause the odds are low, that you'll watch me strolling up out the zone all alone
We ain't caught up in the cost of clothes, we just holla at those
Shawty's with bodies that got a shot at the throne
While some niggas constantly choke
People if you don't wanna be home, I advise that you follow with Tone!
Let's go

We gotta make some moves
Get up and lace ya shoes/
We gonna break the rules down
Let's go

This is the place to jump
Move with the bass that pumps
We fin to raise it up now!
Let's go

Yup he's at it again, the cat with the pen and the Latin descent
An immaculate grin
And a ravenous flow you can't control or paddle against
After your chick she said she was a fan of my shit, I've been tappin' it since
Oh yeah? Can spit? That's what I meant
Back to the script that I planned, man - just got distracted a bit
And I can't envision which talent to ditch
It's like, imagine a chick having to pick between her snatch, face, ass and her tits
Now I ain't tragically hip, and I'm proud of it
Son, I'm a natural at this, I don't reenact for an audience
Or party with them wack hoes hollerin'
Girl, if that's your milkshake, I'm lactose intolerant
(Ahhh!) Don't be getting defensive
Just call me the gamecock, 'cause when you beat it on hard you get the special ending
And there's no quarter required for that
Just hit start! Now, ladies and gentleman tighten your caps
Let's go

Ain't no time for y'all to halt or stop or stall
We good as long as y'all bouncing off them walls
And we ain't gonna stop, so we don't need no brakes
So, if you want it, get on it? We roll till the wheels come off
Let's go, let's go, let's go

Enough of the day to day
'Cause you deserve a break
Put all the work away
Y'all let's go!

Now is time to roll
If you been riding slow
Get on the grind and go
Y'all lets go!
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Songwriters: Kenneth James Duncan, David Duncan, James Creighton
Let's Go lyrics © BMG Rights Management

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