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Ride A Wave Lyrics

Tommy Homonym – Ride A Wave Lyrics

As I considered jumping out the window, something jumped in.
My shadow turned to vapor, and I felt the world begin.
I was new. I was free.
It was a million years after and away from me.

I was the very first mongoose to confront the ancient snake.
I was the last ice age glacier to melt into a lake.
I was anything but alone.
It had been there all the time, and I had always known.

Light is so fast; they say there’s nothing faster.
Let me ride a wave of light away from this disaster.

The sunlight poured in through the glass and scattered ‘round my head.
The dog and cat curled up together, golden on the bed.
I couldn’t help but cry.
It would take a million words and days to tell you why.

Light goes so far, in every possible direction.
Let me ride a wave of light away from my reflection.

Light is so strong; it will bend but never falter.
Let me be the beam of light that falls upon the altar.
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