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Irresistible Lyrics

Tommy Homonym – Irresistible Lyrics

What’s it like to be like you,
With all those heads turning
In the sea of envy you sail through,
Spreading waves of yearning?

I can’t rise above it all, alas.
I want you, too; I’m sure that’s clear as glass.
I’m not that easy, but you’re irresistible.

Is it like a siege to be
Pinned by all those eyes?
With relentless scrutiny,
Top to toe, they fantasize.

Even the blind swoon when they smell you,
But none of us would ever dare to tell you.
It can’t be easy to be irresistible.

There’s a certain luxury
In feeling it can never be.
All of us around you glow
With the knowledge that we’ll never know your touch
Wanting it so much—
But fearing it would take us too high, then
We’d never get back home again.

How’s it feel to stop and stare
At the throng before you,
And know that if you spot your equal there,
They already adore you?

Or is it better when they’re uglier than you,
So that they’re not only willing, but kind of grateful too?
If that’ll do, I find you irresistible.
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