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Hold Me To It Lyrics

Tommy Homonym – Hold Me To It Lyrics

Until I fall in love again, I’m not gonna do it.
I’m telling you, my friend, so you’ll hold me to it.
Don’t let me fall just in lust, then regret it in the morning.
Before I slip away, you must whisper me a warning.

Say: “Hold on. You were determined to abstain.”
Say: “Don’t go. The really cute ones are all insane.
Can’t you foresee what’ll happen if you don’t heed me?”

There’s something to be said for dating, and the trial fling,
But I’ve got it in my head that mating is an entirely different thing.
If I’m always on the circuit, hungry, hunting for a better deal,
I might not spot the quiet one among the angels who can offer something real.

So I’ll hold on. The flashy types don’t like me anyway.
And I won’t go. Online or in the flesh, they seem to say,
“Touch, but don’t look. The face you want is in a different book.”

Any color, shape or age will do; he can be a her.
There’s no one I’m not open to, should the miracle occur.
The wonderment is what I miss, more than the release.
It’s the mystical side of the kiss that brings me peace.
These bars don’t offer that,
And as a player, I tend to fall flat anyway.

I swear, I won’t do it again, on my life, ‘till my heart’s on the line.
I’ll hold out for a husband or a wife, for a rapport like yours and mine.
So I beg you, stop the nightmare, don’t let me send over a drink
To that third one on the right there… Turkish, I think…

Say: “Hold on. Your self-control will persevere.”
Say: “Don’t go. You know your soulmate is standing here,
Holding your arm, and sworn to keep you safe from harm.”
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