[Verse 1]
She loves the clouds and the sunshine,
He loves the stars and the Moon.
You gotta place another dime in the jukebox,
So that their song doesn't end too soon.
The way she sings and she dances,
Makes up for anything else that she might do.
And the way he quotes the Stones in conversations,
Saying "Start me up, my baby, I miss you."

I know it sounds absurd, we're always chasing stars.
All around the world, and now the world is ours.
We're well-to-do, not a dime to our name.
One thing's for sure, we'll never be the same.

[Verse 2]
Can't he hear her knocking on his window?
She can hear him banging on her door.
It's early morning five hours until sunrise,
When they hear voices in their heads they can't ignore.
He takes her by the hand and drives her crazy,
He looks into her eyes and whispers slow.
"We were born to run like wild horses,
Free from the madness and nonsense is where we'd go."


Lying on the hood of her Mustang convertible.
Gazing up at the midnight sky.
Destined for greatness they'd never give up.
Discovering the riches that money can't buy.


[Verse 3]
She speaks softly, her words, they drive him crazy,
"Come on, Babe, crank up the stereo.
We need to go with our own flow, don't sweat the details,
Just let the Universe take us where we should go."
There's always a point when life tears you apart,
And memories are what you're living for.
There's something oh so familiar about them,
So enjoy the ride 'cause in a flash it will be no more.

[Chorus 2x]
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Chasing Stars Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Chasing Stars Lyrics