Took a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, I had some time to spare.
I figured I would check out, how the stars were doing there.
I looked over and I saw a man, he was sitting on the ground.
He looked up at me and then he said, “Yeah, the world it let me down.”

Now I’m just a hard luck man, looking for some answers.
They call me a mad man, nobody seems to care.
I’m just a hard luck man, running out of time.
Man-to-man, buddy could you spare a dime?

This man looked like he had tried so hard, to make something of himself.
But instead the world decided, to stick his life up on a shelf.
I sat right down beside him, he looked familiar to me.
I asked him who he was, he said, “It’s who I used to be.”


He looked like he had gone through hell, just sitting on that street.
On the Walk of Fame, you never know who you’re gonna meet.
He told me his life story, it took an hour or two.
I put some money in his hand, he smiled and said, “Thank you.”



Buddy could you spare a dime?
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Hard Luck Man Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Hard Luck Man Lyrics