Just a Florida cracker, fishing for snapper
In the Gulf of Mexico.
He barely gets paid, and never gets laid
That’s just the way it goes.

[Verse 1]
He leaves everyday, weather sunny or gray,
Sets his lines and smokes some weed.
The fishing is great, but he don’t hesitate,
To keep only what he needs.


[Verse 2]
Now this long slim man, who fishes by hand,
Refuses to use a fish net.
He gets back to the dock, it says five on the clock,
Yeah, he always gets back by sunset.



[Verse 3]
Three days on the fight, his line’s real tight,
He’ll bring in this fish you can bet.
Fishing’s his life, he ain’t go no wife.
No, he has no regrets.

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Florida Cracker Lyrics

Tiffany Hulse – Florida Cracker Lyrics