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Not Coming Home Lyrics

Thirstbusters – Not Coming Home Lyrics

Not coming home
I'm fine on my own for the meantime
For some me time

Lost in the moment
Don't know where I'm going
But I know I've got to go

I'm at a fork in the road
I'll never know
What was right from what was left behind

So much persists there's
So much I'll miss but I need it
I just need this now

Pre Chorus
Don't you worry babe
No other girl makes me feel this way
I hate to leave but I know I just can't stay

So even if times get rough
We could still rely on trust
But I could never give enough to fate
'Cause love don't have no expiration date

Verse 2
Not gonna lie
There's moments when I feel helpless
I need hope and

Some time to find
Everything you see inside
Maybe I just haven't found it yet

Pre Chorus


The taste of your goodbye
Made me realize oh
What I had to do
I'm home when I'm with you

Pre Chorus

Chorus 2x
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