And this stone for my face
Seeming so out of place
What you doing, trying to
Postpone and replace

All alone, drunk and based
Your on your own, such a waste
Couldn't bear to live if I stayed with this dumb bone-head disgrace.

But I'm too damn lost, can't say the words to
Get across my hate, I'm hurt

And frozen, frozen
Bruised and broken
If inside out would break

Haven't learned, you can't fix it
Well don't return 'cause life's a one-way ticket
Verdict's in
What's done is done

I am closed, renovations
Out to lunch and please don't test my patience
Anything to get you gone but

I'm unable to lose the chains
This stupid, stable smile remains

I'm frozen, frozen
Still so closed in
If inside-out would break free from this

I would yell, kick and scream
Throw a fit and spit I'll haunt your dreams
If you ever come back if you ever do that
To another one you call fool

I would gladly give you pain
A curse much worse than your selfish gain
Say you'll never again no you'll never pretend that you ever could bend the rules

But you could get away with murder
I would let you play me further

Frozen, frozen
The burn still smoking
If inside-out would break free from this craze
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Frozen Lyrics

Thirstbusters – Frozen Lyrics