Is This Really Love?
Verse 1
I look into my mirror
And see you in my bed
And I think to myself
What was I smoking last night?

Maybe last week
Or maybe yesterday
I really cannot say
When I found out, that this girl is taking advantage of me

Is this really love?
What do I know?
Caught up in her game
And she's playin' me like a fool

Verse 2
Oh baby
I dip into my wallet
To find my money's gone (shoulda known)
And I think to myself
I'm hopeless 'cause she's done this all before
Ooh, hit me Ryan


A cheater, a liar
She got me choked so tight
The heat and the fire
She tells me it's alright baby
Believing a stranger
She always lands on top
I'm leaving the danger
I said I'm out but I can't stop
Oh baby, I'm addicted to you
Oh I can't get out, y'know it kills me now

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Is This Really Love? Lyrics

Thirstbusters – Is This Really Love? Lyrics