What*We Got Have

a taste of what we got Have
a taste a little taste Have
a taste of what we got Have
a taste you know it's really good (Mark.

Hoy) verse: 1 Developed

the remedy to serve it heavily on a silver platter without a Doubt
it's gonna taste heavenly An
award winning recipe Rhythm
mixed in with melody Combine
it with rhyme and a heavy dose of some energy You'll
never be the same Once
you've had a taste Your
appetite will change fiendin’ for what we create The
band is a sous chef And
we’re your maitre d's Our
purpose is providing some of the finest verbal specialty Bridge.

only wanna make'em say This
time it's gonna blow your mind Won't
have it any other way We
gon' set up serve it on a silver platter (Chimaroke

Abauchi) Verse: 2 We:

be the needle injecting to these people Notice
my styles unique like Tarantino’s Oh
although, the evil comes whenever he flows Be
more like Lois Lane she, loves superheroes Flip
like a bird and flock off you, want a meal You?
craving something ill Well? I'm rocking like a Beatle (Oh
although the ego goes wherever he goes Oh
although the ego goes wherever he goes) I
like Cristina cause she had pretty hair Because
she cut it off not caring if they cared My
kind of inspiration A
little motivation for this insane in the brain I, need medication say Ohhh

gone set up serve, em on a silver platter)x2
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What We Got Lyrics

Theoretics – What We Got Lyrics