Lights on:

(Chimaroke Abauchi) verse 1:

Lights on so it's time to go
On so bright that it's time to leave
Shutting down
It ain't nothing to me
The party won't stop cause it's time flow
Dip out, there's no time to waist
2am they won't let me drink
Freestyle on the way, we on the road
5, 0's out but we in control
Bass up, you already know
Until we get there cause that's how we roll
Touchdown, post up,
Everybody there but keep it on the low
Please believe till late a.m. it's on but it's lights off, lights off till then


Just like your favorite song
You'll all remember me
Tonight the way you are
Involves the melody
Just like your favorite star
Just watch and never leave
Until the lights come on


(Return of the lights on!
They turning the lights on)x4

(Mark Hoy): verse 2

Sun goes down
We arise
Street lights
Night life
Never slow down for the right time
Take a look around for the right vibe
Shakin’ off work week roundup time to
Find a better place relieve my stress
Bought a new fit so the girls impressed
Take look around round for the space well drop
Place to stop
Stage to rock
Find them anywhere that the microphone hot
Turn the lights on
Kick'em out
It ain't even phasing them
They can transform empty parking lots into stadiums
With the car doors open
Beats bumpin
Plans stay open

Last chorus:
(Return of the lights on)x8
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Lights On Lyrics

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