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Coldworld Lyrics

Theoretics – Coldworld Lyrics

This world is cold and descending
See we all here trembling
If we fall the same way
Why can't we all...
... Same thing
Why can't we all fight for the same thing!

Verse one:
Mark Hoy -
Why can't we all fight for the main aim
Cause we're blinded from being defined by the same
People that would full court crush the word change
If they had the opportunity to do such a thing
Now I'll abstain
From naming the names of the offenders
Far too many to name, who will defend us?
There's power in the music and words combined together
The leather-bound science of alliance we tether
Of the whole picture
I am but one member
Faction of a legion
Likeminded endeavor
A strong willed soldier for the storm we'll weather
A leader to those who know that this world is cold


Verse two:
Chimaroke Abuachi -
I travel in a time men fight to arrange
What they think the planet needs and force it with a cane
Explain what's united, the definitions vague
War drums still pound bombing and it's sound
Finally a beacon of hope intervenes, but it takes more than one man to operate this thing
I'm glad to be alive in a time where at least we,
Can try to manifest the king's grand dream
We're separated in a storm but there's many ways
To stop and come together but the channels always say
The opposition always disagree, they want to break
The beacon though it's message could be what saves the day
It's like fears an octopus with the way in clings
To these obstacles but even lab mice can feed
Know that we attract, we can fight the same thing Or be powerless and strained


Verse three:
Mark Hoy -
Why are their minds all in the same frame
Because they're slaves to temptation of money and 'bang bang'
A shame the insidious ignorance is upholding villainous to a status that they want to obtain
Change only occurs when soul seeks freedom
Soul seeks freedom and the mind breaks chains
If not then you are condemned to remain same
There's only so much a man was made to sustain
Faithless, aimless
Devoid of all dreams
Phases of dangerous
Crooked eyed schemes
They're nameless inhabitants of prison yard scenes
Probably tell you how the ends are justifying the means

It's cold...
Building towards the light
Shielding us from night
Leading us
But who will save our souls?

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