When I was with you we were an estuary
I don’t know if i come from the river or the sea
All i know is you are both my opposite and my reflection
And where we meet, all salt and mouth and convergence. we were the meeting point of a mountain and a valley
From a distance it is clear that we are inverted forms of one another
Should our mountain crumble it would fill the valley to our brim
Creating flatland where there was once chaos
But until that beautiful collapse we wonder where you begin and i end. we were two bodies
Running out of room in this world
We carved space in ourselves for the other to borrow. for the other to burrow
I wake up sometimes with ghost traces of your lips on my bones
And my arms holding your phantom frame as you drift away. we were roots and soil
The splendor of a tide pool
We were giants. but for now we can’t swallow the things that separate us. lioness please grab me again by the scruff of my neck
And lick the wounds i’ve made trying to taste my own blood

The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die – Lioness Lyrics