If I had to, baby there ain't much I wouldn't do, But if I had a clue how to please you
What if I gave you long stem roses, or I could woo you, Just like a knight in armor

There ain't nothin' that I would not do, to prove my love is honest & true
But you'd say baby that ain't nothin' new, boy you don't, boy you don't have a clue
Can't you guess what a woman wants, you just don't have a clue, You're just a boy in a woman's world, I know I don't,, I just don't have a clue

Now if you want me to, I can be the man you want me to be, Now what a woman wants, is a tough beefed up man, and what she really wants, is a boy to take out that garbage can

Oh no now that I got things started, don't leave me broken hearted
I'd like to visit you on Venus baby, Men are from Mars, but are you really from Venus?
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I Just Don't Have A Clue Lyrics

The Watermen – I Just Don't Have A Clue Lyrics