I know your heart's been broke in two,
And time again that you, had thought you'd
Found the someone of your dreams.
And yes it's also true,
That you will make it through,
You're strong enough to make it on your own.

Still it's not easy finding joy in simple things
When you're standing all alone all by yourself.
You've been hurt, it's true,
But if you'd listen to,
The simple words I'm trying to explain.

I will love you past your pain,
Past the fear and doubt a
Nd tears that keep you shackled every day;
And Dear, I pledge that you'll be happy once again,
Your smile will chase the clouds
That keep the sun from shining through
The pouring rain;
And I will love you past your pain.

And all that I can say;
Is that I'm here to stay;
I'll be right here by your side,
Girl you're gonna see;
You're the one for me;
Must have been meant to be;
And I can't believe I'm so blessed
You'd be here for me.
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Love You Past Your Pain Lyrics

The Watermen – Love You Past Your Pain Lyrics