You know the wise, the wise say,
That only fools fall in love,
But why does my heart say
That the fall is worth the pain,
Well fool is my name,
And love, love was my game.

I'm just a fool, a fool in love,
I didn't learn the rules,
Shoot from the hip, just a fool in love.

Now true love comes in many ways
And leaves you to bleed
Like a horse with no name,
But why does this boy stay
When he knows he's loosing the race,

Well fool is my name and love,
And love was my game.


I placed my bet on that horse named fool.
You could feel the heat of the horses breath on that fateful day.
It's the final lap for this one trick pony,
I knew I'd never win.
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Fool In Love Lyrics

The Watermen – Fool In Love Lyrics