Somewhere there's a girl in a leather-look skirt
That just got off a bus
With an overnight bag in one hand
Shouldering a macramй purse
She's cruising the parking lot
For the right set of wheels
She'll be sitting on the hood waiting
When come to get your car

She's looking for a wild ride

You ask, "Where have I seen you before?"
She says she's from out of town
And would it be too much trouble for you
To take her for a ride
Any place she wants to go
You smile, opening her door
'I'm Your Vehicle Baby'
Keeps singing in your head

You're looking for a wild ride

You're friends won't believe a word
She wouldn't come on to you like that
Ever since you bought that car
You've been acting sort of strange
Soon they'll be in their cars
And on their way downtown
They'll all park near the bus stop
And wait there for a while

They're looking for a wild ride
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Wild Ride Lyrics

The Libertines US – Wild Ride Lyrics