A picture
Two slaves with broken chains
Hangs soulfully above the love seat
A man embraces a woman
With big breasts and an afro sheen
My black boots, black thoughts, black jacket
Hide a white body inside
I wait on the worn shag carpet
To take Regina for a ride

She tells me that she missed me again
And that she had another dream about us
And she keeps hoping that things will change
And I'll tell her how I truly feel
Thoughtfully I blink and nod
While laughing hysterically inside
We know my sole intention
To take Regina for a ride

She'll jump on back and let me take her
To a safer neighborhood
But I'll regret it when I see her coming
She'll tell me she thinks I'm good
And I'll pretend that she's somebody else
I'll feel real sick inside
Please God let this be the last time
I take Regina for a ride
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Regina Lyrics

The Libertines US – Regina Lyrics