I think you put your finger on it
When you said my life is like a Tilt-A-Whirl
It goes up and down and around
It goes up and down and around
Up and down and back around again

I love the amusement park
Too bad it's raining
The clowns all run and hide
With the paint washing off their faces
Too bad it's raining

But, no, really I think you're right
I've done nothing but play games with my life
A few points here and there
Then they're gone
And I'm looking for a ride again

I guess I should really envy you
You get to have so many things
I only get to dream about
On days like today
Too bad it's raining

Just as soon as this rain has stopped
I'd like you to go away
And please, don't come back
Unless I say
Unless it rains again

Too bad it's raining
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Too Bad It's Raining Lyrics

The Libertines US – Too Bad It's Raining Lyrics