Not long ago
I was sitting on the ground
Watching through the frosted glass
Two silhouettes wrestling in the shower
The lights kept going on and off

I remember sitting there for hours
With the image long since gone
Always a pair behind frosted glass
I feel like I'm still there now

When I'm lonely again I see them
I take a number, wait in line
Ten years, still nothing
Yeah, I'm worried about myself

Yeah, I always wanted to be there
Ever since my first time
Let someone else watch me through the frosted glass
Wanting to take my shower

I have a little room above a store
I live there with my clock and phone
Standing by the Venetian blinds
I see drunks and couples holding hands

When I'm lonely again I see them
The pair I follow home and dream
I'm still on the wrong side of the frosted glass
Again I wait with envy
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Frosted Glass Lyrics

The Libertines US – Frosted Glass Lyrics