Girl of mine
Why don't you go and tell another lie
Why don't you go because the truth hurts much too much sometimes
So baby tell another lie

Sugarcoat the truth and baby tell me that you love me again
'Cause I couldn't bear to hear I'm just another one of your friends

And you don't have to be sincere
Just tell me what I want to hear

Sugarcoat the truth 'cause I don't wanna be the one left behind
And I couldn't live knowing that I was never worth and time

And I got reason to believe
That you know just how to deceive

Gimme something I can hold onto
'Cause you know I'm still in love with you
Gimme something I can take back home
'Cause I don't wanna be alone
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Everything Falls Apart (And More) Lyrics

The Ergs! – Everything Falls Apart (And More) Lyrics